Cremation Services

Cremation as a form of final disposition of a loved one is becoming more and more popular with some states already doing well over 50% of their total funeral work as cremation. While some may tell you that cremation is the more “cost effective” way of handling the death of a loved one, there are many aspects of cremation that do not serve the family well psychologically. Many families simply have their loved one cremated as a cost saving measure and do not have a memorial service or any form of gathering. When this happens a number of the vital functions of a funeral are not met.

When a family chooses to not have any form of service or gathering, they are sending a confusing message to the family and friends who also loved their loved one. They are in effect saying that “we have this all under control and we do not need your support.” IN many instances that is not the intended message and the family is left wondering where their support system is during this time. Having a memorial service, no matter how small or simple, provides an opportunity for friends and family to reflect back on a life well lived and share memories of the person who has died. This process of going back in time to remember the loved one, allows those in attendance to properly deal with the reality of the death and begin their new walk forward towards their new normal.Lawnwood Memorial Park believes in the remembrance of those who have died, even if they are cremated. We have numerous options available for memorializing cremated human remains in a way that provides a place for the family to come and remember their loved one fondly. From niches to custom inurnment options and even scattering, Lawnwood’s cremation options are always intended to serve our families in ways that foster healthy grief and bereavement.

Our newest cremation garden is located within the newest section of the cemetery, Section K, The Garden of God’s Kingdom and consists of a central pergola, which can be used for services, and a number of different types of cremation memorialization options. These pictures show an artist’s rendering of the finished garden and the current state of development. For more information, please contact the Lawnwood Office at 770-787-8314.