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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Since 1954, Lawnwood Memorial Park has always tried to live up to what a true "Memorial Park" is intended to be: a park designed for contemplation or recreation, commemorating the death of an individual or of many people. Our facilities and grounds are designed so that visitors can enjoy peaceful, idyllic surroundings while remembering their loved one.Lawnwood Memorial Park has two mausoleum. One small six crypt mausoleum and one large chapel mausoleum called Memory Chapel Mausoleum. This elegant mausoleum provides for the entombment of loved one's in a dignified manner and in a place where you can quietly contemplate their life. Memory Chapel Mausoleum also provides entombment options on the exterior walls.

On the back wall of Memory Chapel Mausoleum is our Home Town Chapel cremation "Urnarium". This installation bears the Thomas Kinkade painting Home Town Chapel and each unit in this "Urnarium" represents a portion of the overall painting. This unique unit allows the cremated remains of your loved one to be placed within a receptacle that represents a portion of the overall image. This receptacle can be used at the memorial service for your loved. It is then placed into the overall unit and a name plate is added to create a meaningful memorial. 

Flowers for loved one's inurned within the Home Town Chapel Urnarium must be artificial and can be set on the floor at the base of the unit. There are also two comfortable chairs which allow visitors to spend time reflecting on the person inurned there.

Not far from our Memory Chapel Mausoleum are our two columbarium towers. These towers provide a place for your loved one's urn within a small niche that is secured with a granite front which can bear a small bronze marker.

Flowers for loved one's inurned within these towers can be placed on the ground at the base of the unit. There is no vase on each individual niche.

Surrounded by "The Garden of God's Kingdom", not far beyond Memory Chapel Mausoleum stands our columbariums or Peace, Angel and Rest. These units are made from solid granite and build withstand the elements. The center portion of the Columbarium installation is adorned with a cross and Angel which provides an appropriate focal point for the area just behind our small pergola. This small pergola can be used for a "graveside" service for your loved one before their inurnment within the columbarium.

The units in these columbarium allow the inurnment of a loved one which is marked by a small bronze marker and small vase on the granite niche front.

The Pergola and surrounding landscaping provide a peaceful place for you to remember your loved one.


Lawnwood Memorial Park is located at 1111 Access Rd, Covington, GA 30014. 

Our offices are located in the rear of Caldwell & Cowan Funeral Home at 1215 Access Rd, Covington, GA 30014